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Invented by the greatest physiological doctor and chemist in medical history. Dr.William Frederick Koch. A treatment buried by those who wish to keep you sick. This Therapy has effected cures for tens of thousands that were “incurable” by established medical autocracy. The list of diseases and infections rectified by the brilliance of this Antitoxin is as long as are known diseases.

It doesn’t matter what viral or bacterial infection caused your condition.The Koch Antitoxin can oxidize it and the body is then able to heal itself as nature intended providing the diet is adhered to until complete recovery.

The Antitoxin is a conjugated formula of carbonyl and ethylene linkages. It is completely harmless to any living animal organism. It is manufactured in a Government Approved Laboratory and Government Medical Authority approved for injection. It is also considered harmless by the FDA as stated in a USA court of law. It is impossible for Dr. Koch’s Antitoxin to harm any living animal organism. It is…

The New Science In The Treatment Of Disease

Our commitment is to bring this lifesaving antitoxin to all people at a very affordable price as were the wishes of Dr.William.F. Koch and his colleagues.

We can also state – There is not one individual or organization on this planet, past or present who can refute the genius of the Koch Antitoxins and their healing powers except those with criminal intent to rob humanity of this given healing.

Dr. W. F. Koch

The Modern  Pasteur            Martyr For The Truth

We invite you to read all literature on our webpages to educate and expand your knowledge of the genius of Dr.William Frederick Koch and give yourself or family sufferers of disease a new horizon for cure. You may find in the writings of Dr.Koch ( on this website there are only a few) that you will know as much about the actions of toxins and pathogens on the physiology of the body than most learned people. We have also included a Congressional Record page that we’re sure will astound people as to the cover up of The Koch Antitoxin. We know it will go down in history as the crime of the century. A heinous crime against humanity for profit.

If you decide to use the Koch Antitoxin for your disease we wish you well and complete recovery.

What You will Receive with the Tailored Koch Therapy in the UK and Ireland are 10 Antitoxin Ampoules complete with 10 Syringes and Needles and 20 Injection Wipes and a Sharpsguard.