Vaccine Damage

There is evidence  that cellular oxidation therapy can release the damaged cells from mercury and aluminum metal contamination and any pathogens contained in vaccines and the damage they cause to most animal and human organisms. The Koch Molecular Therapy can correct this damage and restore full function to the body providing the diet is strictly adhered to. The Koch Antitoxin is  harmless with No side effects. There are no oxidation therapies to compare with this therapy.

It is very helpful to those afflicted with damage to drink water containing high amounts of SILICA which has been proven to remove aluminium from the body very efficiently. A good named bottled water containing Silica will be named on request.

The detox for two weeks would have to be completed before a 1 cc or 2 cc subcutaneous injection for children or adults. Please Remember this antitoxin is harmless to living organisms and there are no side effects whatsoever.

The cognitive response may amaze you.

Dr.Koch and the thousands of doctors that used his reagents have treated infants with his antitoxin and saved many thousands of lives in the process.

Those children who have been paralysed with so called vaccines can be restored to full functionality with this therapy.

See the page – “About the Koch Antitoxin.”