Lyme Disease


The inspiration for this website comes from my dear friend Richard who suffered Lyme for 19 years and spent everything he owned on finding a cure. It was horrific to discover that the cure for this and most other diseases had been buried by Medical greed and criminality. He is now totally free from his Chronic Lyme affliction and has discarded the wheelchair he used for 10 of those years.

His love and gratitude to his mother who sold her home, financed and accompanied him on the search for his cure.
In his own words ”Lyme Disease is like a cancer, an affliction no one should ever have to bear and all that was offered to me was the surrender of everything I owned for the disinterest and incompetence of all medical services I sought. My body was ravaged with antibiotics causing massive outbreaks of infections and auto immune diseases from the breakdown of my gut Flora.
I wonder sometimes how I survived at all, but for the love and dedication of my mother in finding the brilliance of Dr. William Frederick Koch’s Chemistry and after only one month I was able to walk properly again. I could think again without a pressure on my brain. I could see the world without pain. It was like being reborn. Born again at 42 years of age.

Dr.William Frederick Koch was the Greatest Physiological Clinician and Chemist the world has ever seen and cured ten of thousands with his reagents of every kind of disease known. There were over Three thousand doctors using his antitoxins and every single one has enormous success in the cure of all kinds of disease. We expect high cure rates for Lyme Disease, bartonella,babesiosis and all associated pathogens for those that follow the therapy completely.

Dr.William Frederick Koch studied spirochetes intensely and the formulation of his antitoxins were principled on the diseases they inflict on all animal organisms.

The Koch Treatment can free your body completely from this dreadful infection. Mainstream medicine has no answer to this bacterial infection, the antibiotics they use have no effect on Chronic Lyme.
Koch Reagents free the infected cells of your body from any pathogen and restore them to fully functionality cleansing the body completely from infection.
The detox and the diet are of the utmost importance in the elimination of disease using the Koch Molecular Therapy. A totally vegetarian diet must be adhered to before and after treatment until the parasite and disease has been completely eliminated from the body.
Then you can resume a normal diet and live life to the full with a brand new vigor.

Richards Story

All those who suffer lyme disease and the associated infections like bartonella, babesia and sometimes when cells are so damaged Morgellons are the only people who can understand my quest for a cure and be able to resume a normal life.

I was 22 years of age when I contracted lyme disease and this the result of numerous tick bites while I followed my great interest in fishing. I never gave them a second thought, I’d spray anything on them, WD40 was my chosen method and I even burned one or two off. In all I’d say about four or five bites.

Then things started to go wrong and no one could understand why. I couldn’t get out of bed and the pains in my body and head were almost constant. It was like having the flu only ten times worse. I went from a fit healthy body to a wreck. Our medicine cupboard was filled with every kind of antibiotic and supplements you could think of, herbs and powders from all over the globe. Mom was adamant she would find a cure.

My Dad was twenty five years older than my Mom and she always told me I was the miracle he prayed for as his sperm count was so low. I guess my illness took it’s toll on him too, he died 9 years after my infection;  two weeks after I had to use a wheelchair.

We had a house that had increased in value and Mom decided we should downgrade to a small bungalow to suit my chair. She made a lot of money on the sale which she said we would need to find a cure. My father had invested wisely but the money was pouring out in medical bills.

My mother searched endlessly for information as to what was wrong with me, berating doctors at the drop of a hat for their lack of knowledge and greed, it got so bad that we were barred from countless doctors surgeries. One even told her she made him afraid to come to work and he’d armed himself. She was 5’3″ tall and not quite 9 stone but from New York.

It was only when the internet grew that she could continue her research from home. Finally she quit her job as a nurse to research full time. When my third attempt at ending it failed due to her intervention. It was the most emotional I’d ever seen her and she made me swear to all that was holy never to try that again. I swore to her that I wouldn’t and kept this oath.

Five years ago she told me that she thought she’d found the answer in a book called “The Chemistry Of Natural Immunity” by Dr. William Frederick Koch. She also acquired one other book by his associates called The Birth Of A Science.

As she read these books her intensity grew and sometimes I could hear her swear at the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession. I had tried to read the books but my condition didn’t allow me to read at any speed. Finally after much research Mom said she was in contact with a doctor in Canada who would give her information on a doctor who was using this therapy but she was sworn to secrecy. We got a phone number for a man in a European country and I can’t even divulge this other country as it might mean the doctor could be traced.

It sounds unbelievable, almost like an underground movement of doctors who want to cure people and this in fact what it was.

An underground movement of actually healing people.

We travelled to this country and  were interviewed where I was medically tested, and only then were we accepted for treatment. Two days later we were driven to a clinic with not even a mobile phone allowed. The fee for this therapy was $40,000.00 and involved a six week stay for both of us.

It was the cleanest place I’d ever seen in my life. Everything had it’s place, in fact it was like a home from home. The doctor looked in his fifties although later we found out he was 70. His story is for another day. He gave me a thorough examination and took swabs from my mouth. nose, eyes and ears. Then we were shown a twin room as mom insisted she oversee the therapy. The doctor laughed and always had a smile when he spoke to mom.

While the money was huge it was a about a quarter of what we had already spent on useless treatments, we found out later that this doctor donated nearly everything he had to the less fortunate and as he told us,  he had everything he needed, why would he want more. A truly incredible man. Even his car was simple.

Breakfast was apple juice, followed by lunch..carrot juice etc. He explained the therapy as is on this website.Two colonics per day and he insisted I take 2 tablespoons of rapeseed oil every day to further cleanse my colon. I was given one nasal wash and a mouthwash twice a day with MMS or otherwise known as Chlorine Dioxide as my swab results had revealed spirochete colonies in my mouth and nasal passages. I had to swish this mouthwash for 5 minutes. He said I was very heavily infected.

The second week the colonic wash reduced to one per day as my colon was showing a healthy cleanse. The mouthwashes continued until the day before the injection and ceased completely at that time.

I have to say even then I was feeling a lot better than I had in years..lighter , fresher. During the detox we weren’t allowed to make close contact with the other six patients, all of whom were suffering from cancer in one form or another but all were bright and none seemed in pain. We found out later one lady had been given the last rites by her priest and was now tending the garden as often as she wanted.

When the two week detox was complete I was given my first injection. The doctor explained clearly what would happen and he was exactly correct. At that time my mom and the nurse never left my side. I was put to bed , then the chills came. They kept me warm with blankets. the chills lasted about 4 hours then my temperature soared and I slept thankfully for ten hours.

When I wakened my legs were moving, it was incredible. We were overjoyed. My recovery was so fast I thought I was dreaming. Walking again was such a joy and with the massage therapy  it became easier.

The juice diet continued for two days then a full vegetarian diet which made me feel healthier than I could remember.

After two weeks I was walking six miles a day split into 2. Then I was running six miles a day.

I had what’s called a feeling of fatigue about three months after the first injection and at three months the doctor repeated the injection and explained the cyclic nature of the Lyme pathogen and how it evades the immune system. He followed Dr.Kochs instructions , never repeat the dose while healing was taking place. He decided I could use another injection at this time. He said this was to be sure we got it all.

We had already got lodgings in the nearby town and the nice thing was everyone knew the doctor and his work… There were no cancer patients in this small town. He was revered with everyone.

The healing resumed after that injection and I never needed another.

The doctor advised not to travel by air or boat as the fuel fumes and cabin contamination could interfere with the antitoxin so Mom rented a small place in the nearby town and was able to get a job in a nursing home. I continued to get fit and studied the language until I was fluent.

My living is now made translating documents for various companies and such a surprise for me that I’m fluent in a language I never thought of learning.

I still think of  all those people who have lost everything due to Lyme disease and feel so lucky at having my Mom who was able to afford this cure for me. Now on this website it is available to all at an affordable price which is extremely important to me as I can still picture the despair I felt with that insidious disease.

The diet I follow now very rarely contains meat but I do have fish now and then.

The vegetarian diet is essential for this antitoxin to heal the body and I hope those people who consider this therapy all have a complete recovery and a new start, thanks  to the brilliance of Dr. William Frederick  Koch.

The Modern Pasteur.


We are committed to bring this lifesaving antitoxin to all people at a very affordable price as were the wishes of Dr.William.F. Koch and his colleagues. To make peoples lives worth living again.