Canine Diseases

Pathogenic infections may lead to a cancer in all animal organisms and vaccine damage may also do the same. Seizures and Heart murmurs are a common occurrence, whether it is parvo, distemper, epilepsy or paralysis due to vaccine damage, arthritis or any other canine disease, The Koch Molecular Therapy can correct these conditions in your beloved pet.

The Koch Antitoxins were used on animals as well as humans and Dr.Koch achieved a remarkable 100% cure rate on dogs. He said that dogs on a pure meat or vegetarian diet recovered more quickly that dogs on a mixed diet. It generally takes only 1 cc of the Koch reagent for any dog. If there is a halt to the healing process a second injection can be given after a period of 3.5  weeks but this is not the norm.

While mainstream Veterinary has no answer to cancer and related diseases, The Koch Antitoxin has been proven on tens of thousands of cases. There really is no need for your beloved animal to die a painful death. The recovery period for Dogs is remarkable with a healthy diet.

Our pets are just like our babies. They eat what you give them and drink what you give them.They abide by the health decisions you make for them. They totally depend on you for health and life.

Hints For recovery from Cancer or allied diseases with the Koch Antitoxin.

The feed should be mainly a quantified minced or (cut small) raw meat diet  (depending on the size of the dog)  for at least 5 days before injection and continued after the injection. Raw marrow bones are very healthy for your pet and they can spend hours gnawing at one. One can also extract the marrow by boiling and keeping the jelly refrigerated to add to the raw meat diet. A few good marrow bones can last a week like this and are full of nourishment for your pet and for humans. Dogs fed on purely a raw meat diet develop a greater immune system in a very short time. A dog should always be hungry and keen but well nourished so one should not add too much to the feed as lethargy sets in. Your pet will love you for it.

Alternatively if your dog is fed a protein rich vegetarian diet that is also fine and the injection may be given right away however dried dog food as is sold today is detrimental to a dogs health in many ways and can cause muscle wastage in latter years and a lifetime of “treatments” which is costly to you and miserable for your pet. It will not help your pets recovery feeding on this.

It is advantageous for your pet to spread a tablespoon of cold pressed rapeseed oil on the raw diet which helps the  bowel movements immensely  and creates a peroxide which in turn may oxidize any toxins contained there.

Fresh air and exercise are very important in recovery especially from cancer for your pet.

The Koch Molecular Therapy has no side effects whatsoever.

The dog may experience fever or chills in the first few hours or days while the  cells are freed from infections and resume healthy cellular respiration as intended in a fit dog  but this is quite normal in all animal creatures and us included and it will pass quickly.

When your dog is going through this therapy NO other medications are appropriate at all nor are vaccines . They are unnecessary and a danger to the dog. It is also preferable to give your pet either distilled or RO water only for drinking.

Using Filtered Tap Water.

If your tap water is filtered and doesn’t contain fluoride it’s better to leave that water open at room temperature for approximately one hour to completely eliminate any chlorine present before your pet drinks from it.

A good bottled water containing high amounts of Silica and is very effective in removing aluminium from the body particularily that contained in vaccines. Named water on request.

Chlorine is more poisonous to a sick person or pet when the immune system is compromised so it’s elimination is essential. If you use distilled water you will find your pet relishes this. Dogs know what is good for them.

Giving your pet water containing fluoride may halt the cure completely. Do not use sprays or any type of chemicals on your pet during recovery. As he or she is recovering you’ll find the coat is healthier looking and the eyes sparkle more. If you clean your pets teeth do so only with cold pressed coconut oil mixed with baking soda.

Dr.Koch has included a paragraph on canines in his article – (on this site) – The Basic Chemistry of our Diet.

We wish you more years of happiness with your beloved friend.

We are committed to bring this lifesaving antitoxin to all loved pets at a very affordable price as were the wishes of Dr.William.F. Koch and his colleagues. To make people’s pets lives worth living again.