The diseases and infections successfully treated by The Koch Antitoxin are wide ranging but as with the teachings of Dr. William Frederick Koch that all disease stems from an infection of either Toxin or Pathogen we treat the recovery of all infections the same – The Colon Detox washes accompanied with Organic Fruit and Vegetable.Juice Diet for 2 weeks  (All water taken to be pure distilled)  then the subcutaneous injection  a continuation of the vegan diet until the Toxin or pathogen is totally eliminated from the body.

Please see the Detox page.

Then a normal diet and way of life can resume with a higher Natural Immunity coursing in your body.

One very important function of the Koch Antitoxin is that it can correct and remove blood clots in the body without any side effects, even if those clots are in an inoperable situation in the body, so stroke victims can have their condition rectified with the Koch Antitoxin. See Atherosclerosis below.

People suffering cluster headaches have had this affliction completely resolved.

Diseases treated successfully with the Koch Antitoxin



Arthritis – All Forms

Atherosclerosis – Coronary – Pulmonary.

Cancers – Lung Cancer – Stomach – Pancreatic – Liver – Kidney – Prostrate – Bowel – Breast – Cervical – Uterus – Womb – Leukaemia – Bone – Brain – Eye.

Crohn’s Disease – Diverticulitis.



Fibromyalgia – Fibroids


Gonorrhea (Antibiotic Resistant) – Syphilis




Lung Diseases – Tuberculosis – Pneumonia – Copd – Aspergillosis – Cystic Fibrosis

Lyme Disease and associated co-infections – Babesia – Bartonella


Multiple Sclerosis – Dementia – Alzheimer’s – Parkinsons

Meningitis (Bacterial and viral)


All Canine Diseases

All Bovine Diseases

All  Swine  Diseases

All Equine Diseases

These are some of the diseases treated successfully and the list goes on with the success of The Koch Antitoxin.