Detox Protocol

It took quite a long time for whatever disease you have, to become evident and affect your health so much. This is especially true for cancer.

Tick Infections are an exception however the bacterial pathogens injected into the body by ticks are oxidized just the same.

One therefore needs a complete turn around in diet and lifestyle to bring normal cellular function back with full natural immunity and only the genius of Dr. William Frederick Koch has enabled this to be possible.

Before Dr.Koch there was nothing at all and even in mainstream medicine today there is nothing since his unique and brilliant chemistry, suppressed by those who seek profit in misery and poisons.

Now it is back to stay.

Detox Diet

The diet is so important in this therapy that without keeping a vegetarian lifestyle until your Cells are free of all parasites and disease you would be wasting your time and money and mostly your  health.

The first week involves a juice only diet freshly made for example from apples, pears, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, and basically any green vegetables or fruits. It is recommended to continue juice diet for a further week. Then a full vegetarian diet.

No medications are acceptable on this Therapy as any and all can stop the reagent recovery process for good. The only thing allowed are vitamins and pain medication by mouth –  All vitamins taken sparingly, they are there to assist the body

Your committment to maintaining your vegetarian diet is 50% of the cure.

Even the smallest portion of animal meat can halt the process of recovery.

So what not to eat? All Spices – Herbs – Any animal protein – Any processed foods – Any tinned foods – Eggs – Milk – Cheese – Tomatoes – Mangoes – Grapes – Lemon or Orange Rind and their oils – Strawberries.

It is preferable to abstain from all acidic citrus fruits as Dr.Koch has found that the chemical structure of these foods can interfere with recovery.

The Koch Cook Book will be e-mailed on request to all who undertake the therapy. It is bright and rich in all its recipes and anyone can have a great and varied diet using this book.

One should also read The Basic Chemistry of our Diet by Dr.Koch on this site which explains in perfect detail the reasons for the diet. The About page also describes the nature of action of the antitoxins and how they begin to oxidize all pathogens  immediately after injection and the cyclic nature of the human body. Keep a good dairy.


The Colon

Dr. Koch stated that reversal of all disease must be accomplished by  the cleansing of the colon from all putrified matter leaving it clean with a clear mucus to prevent the reabsorption of any toxins or pathogens back into your body. We follow his expertise with precision. It is only now after some 90 years that mainstream medicine recognizes this fact. Regardless of whatever disease you have, it is necessary to ensure your colon is as clean and healthy as it can be.

During the 2 week detox period it also is essential to have colon washes with pure distilled water or RO water (1 Quart of water to 1 tablespoon of salt) at least 1 per day. Dr.Koch recommends about 3 or 4 degrees warmer than body temperature.( About 42 oC) is advantageous.Dr.Koch  advocates un-oxidized Linseed oil (cold pressed rapeseed oil) to cleanse the colon. This also helps greatly destroying or flushing any pathogens or Toxins residing there. Two to three tablespoons per day or more if you like.
Un-oxidized linseed oil is essentially cold pressed rapeseed oil in an oxygen free environment. It can last 2 weeks before it becomes (oxidized ) or rancid ( when you can smell an off scent ) and no longer safe to take.

Never use tap water for colon washes or even boiled water. It should be distilled or RO always. Do not drink tap water at all.

The Injection

It is only when you have detoxed your body and colon for a minimum 5-7 days that you take your first subcutaneous injection. This is usually done with a 2.5 cc syringe and a 27 or 30 gauge needle 3/4 – 1″ long.

The reason the needle is as wide as possible is because we desire the antitoxin to have as little contact with metal as is possible. Wipe the injection site with an alcohol wipe and let it dry completely before injection. Don’t forget to wipe the ampoule also before breaking and let it dry also. Be as expedient as possible with the injection process. It will leave no lump or scar and although it is quite painful this is only transitory.

Those who have had the injection report a feeling of exhilaration right after taking the reagent.You might find your sense of smell becomes more acute within a very short time after the first injection and your sleep pattern will become more normal. Plenty of sleep is very beneficial.

Household Chemicals

Another very important issue to bear in mind is that Perfumes, scents etc. not be used while on the Koch Therapy. They contain toxins which can halt the therapy. Toothpastes contain fluoride which is a neuro toxin and a host of other toxic chemicals –  you need a natural toothpaste, toxin free, along with the soaps you use. A good toothpaste substitute is baking soda and coconut oil. Rinse with RO or distilled water. Soap must be pure soap without any additives or scents as they are toxic also to your body. Do not use household chemicals as they all contain toxins.

We have done our homework on these products and they are one of the main reasons why we as people get sicker in the first place. We want your health restored.

Once you’re free from your infection you can use these products if you wish but for your own health it is far better to abstain for the duration of your recovery.


Materials you will need can be bought very reasonably as –

Colon cleanse equipment for under 20 £ or $

A distilled water machine can be purchased at around £100.or $

A Juicer.

Good Vitamins.

All food to be vegetable based and organic.

Pure Soap

Pure Toothpaste